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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems
Demonstration programme
  • Target groups

Farmers, growers, breeders, policy makers, water/irrigation managers, local seed companies, agricultural advisers

  • Final beneficiaries

All rural society, local farmers communities and associations, water user’s associations, governments, environment

  • Estimated results

Improved water productivity in agriculture and more stable agricultural production

  • Main activities

Demonstration, replication, on-ground implementation, dissemination, training, sustainability evaluation

  • The expected direct outputs

- 6 demonstration fields with agro-meteorological stations, other equipment and Excel-based irrigation scheduling tool;

- 2 years of testing (at least 48 combinations of genotypes and water management practices);

- 24 training courses and 600 farmers, technicians and water managers trained;

- 60 field days with the participation of 1200 local stakeholders;

- 2 years on-ground implementation of the best performing varieties and water harvesting and management practices in a surface area of at least 240 ha with the involvement of at least 120 farmers;

- 2 guidelines, 24 brochures, 6 seminars, 180 minutes of video material, etc.


Social and economic impact

- support of the local communities to market a quality durum wheat (in Lebanon and Morocco) and chick pea (in Morocco) products and

- promotion of the women cooperatives for durum wheat transformation to several types of couscous on downstream value chain (in Morocco)





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