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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems


Target region Target areas Demonstration field Crops Management

Chaouia Ourdigha

Oulad Said, Sidi El Aidi, Tamadroust, Berrechid,
Ain Nzagh, Sidi Mohamed Ben Rahal

Sidi El Aydi Experimental Station of the National Agronomic Research Institute of Settat

  • wheat
  • chickpea
  • faba bean
  • crop rotation
  • tillage practices
  • nitrogen input
Training material
  • ACLIMAS Training course on "Sustainability analysis of adaptation to climate change of Mediterranean agricultural systems" - Settat (Morocco), 11-13 March 2014
  • ACLIMAS Training course on "Principles and concepts of Conservation Agriculture" - Settat (Morocco), 26-28 February 2013
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