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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems

Overall objectives
To bring a durable improvement in the agricultural water management and a broader economic development in target areas in the context of adaptation to climate change, increasing water scarcity, and desertification risk

Specific objectives

- To improve the initial conditions (local offices, stations, and demonstration fields) for lasting promotion of sustainable agricultural practices in target areas;

- To demonstrate the applicability for the selected combinations of genotypes and water management practices (including water harvesting and conservation tillage) at demonstration fields;

- To adapt/stabilize agricultural production through large scale on-ground implementation of the best performing genotypes and water harvesting/management practices;

- To evaluate the on-ground sustainability of the proposed adaptation measures considering the economic, social and environmental dimensions at farm level;

- To train local farmers and growers on the application and implementation of proposed management practices;

- To disseminate the results of the action through the thematic guidelines, brochures, field days, seminars, video material and a dedicated web page.

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