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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems

ACLIMAS Final Workshop Marrakech, 1-3 December 2015

Description Documents
  • Adaptation of Mediterranean agricultural systems to climate change: achievements and experiences of ACLIMAS project
  • Climate change indicators for ACLIMAS guidelines of adaptation practices
  • No-till system as an alternative to climate change adaptation in semi-arid areas of Morocco
  • Economical aspects of No-till system in Chaouia Ourdigha region
  • Methods and tools for a sustainability analysis of conservation agriculture
  • Aclimas achievements/milestones
  • Aclimas achievements/ demonstration and implementat ion trials
  • Effect of rotation on soil health under No-till Sys tem

           Additional material

  • Adaptation to Climate Change of Cereal
  • Agenda poster for Closing seminar
  • Brochure des principales maladies de céréales
  • Comparison of five no-till seed drill performances
  • Guidelines Settat region version
  • Optimize crop residue management and livestock feeding
  • Economic comparison between Conventional and No-Tillage farming systems in Morocco
  • Evaluating Soil Health Status in Chaouia-Ourdigha Region
  • Integrated weed management in no-till crops in the Chaouia Region
  • Bases des applications rationnelles
  • Brochure des principales maladies de céréales


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