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Adaptation to Climate Change of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems

ACLIMAS SWIM-DP - 3rd Annual Meeting, Rome (Italy), 13-14 November 2014

Description Documents
  • ACLIMAS, Introduction to the Meeting
  • ACLIMAS, Morocco achievements and future plans 1
  • ACLIMAS, Morocco, comparative performance of wheat and alternative crops
  • ACLIMAS, Jordan achievements and future plans
  • ACLIMAS, Lebanon experimental work 2014
  • ACLIMAS, Algeria achievements and future plans
  • ACLIMAS, Use of remote sensing methods to assess wheat performance
  • ACLIMAS, Tunisia achievements and future plans
  • ACLIMAS, Tunisia new demonstration and implementation sites
  • ACLIMAS, sustainability analysis
  • ACLIMAS, dissemination, communication, planning
  • ACLIMAS 3rd Annual meeting, FINAL AGENDA


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