Adaptation to Climate Change of the Mediterranean Agricultural Systems

Follow-up 2nd Training programme on "Climate change adaptation for water, food and environment security" - Cairo (Egypt), 15-17 September 2015

Description Documents
Day 1  
  • Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Management
  • Managing risks under climate change
  • Water productivity of Mediterranean Agricultural Systems under climate change
  • Water Governance and Climate change adaptation
  • Gender and climate change adaptation and mitigation
Day 2  
  •  Climate Change impact on Desertification
  • Assessments of grazing, shrub encroachment and Climate Change variation impacts on arid range lands at South Eastern Egypt
  • Application of Remote Sensing in monitoring climate changes, desertification and natural disasters
  • Food Security in Egypt as affected by climate change
  • Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation in Egypt and the role of Research & Science in informing Adaptation to climate changes in food production and Water Resources
  • Climate change projections and their relevance for agriculture in the Mediterranean
Day 3  
  • Promoting Gender-Responsive Approach for Facing Climate Change Risks in the Arab Region
  • The effect of Climate Change On The Performance Of Irrigation Pumping Stations
  • Technologies and Practices for climate change adaptation in the water and Agriculture sector
  • Climate change adaptation for water, food and environment security - Training program


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